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Real Estate and Hospitality
EastBridge looks for clients in the real estate, land and high-end hotel and entertainment businesses in China and other Asian countries. We will take some qualified companies in this industry public in the U.S. We are also interested in joint ventures, purchases, leaseholds and leverage buyouts.

Fueled by low interest rates, prices in many Chinese cities, such as Shanghai and Beijing doubled in less than four years. We expect the real estate market to see corrections in China in the near term; however, the long term prospect is still positive. The combination of their high growth economy, population's housing needs and limited land supply support a strong real estate market for the foreseeable future.

With the rise of the new middle and upper classes in Asian countries especially in China, individuals with ample disposal income to spend, are looking for ways to get away from the busy city life style or to spend time with their families at some luxury hotels or resorts. We have seen the build out of some luxury hotel and resort projects to fulfill the demand from these two groups of audiences.

Eastbridge will help some of them become public companies in the United States which will allow them to access expansion capital; and at the same time, will provide them an avenue to reach a greater number of investors for their growing businesses.

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Real Estate and Hospitality
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