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The Education sector in Asia remains strong and is relatively immune from the global slowdown. According to statistics released by the Ministry of Education in China, the student population between 6 and 19 years of age stands at more than 200 million in 2009. In addition, an estimate of 160 million of the population in China is under 6 years old. The size of the education market potential in China alone is about 75% of the total population of the U.S.

The intense competition for higher education and the high expectation of academic achievement from parents have also been key factors for the fast growing Education sector in China. The potential market demand for quality education has attracted both domestic and international companies to establish their presence to offer their products to the consumers in China.

EastBridge is uniquely positioned to be a catalyst to assist these companies especially the domestic companies, to expand their operations to meet their aggressive business goals. With our business acumen and years of experience in doing business in Asia, we will help these companies become U.S. public companies to access the capital for them to become bigger players.

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